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Here's 432 Park Avenue's 92nd-Floor $79.5 Million Penthouse

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We've already seen the layouts for some of the lower full-floor apartments in superscraper 432 Park Avenue, but this unit, which takes up the entire 92nd floor, is the highest apartment in the building to be listed so far. It follows logically that it also has the highest price — $79.5 million. (The 87th-floor penthouse was listed for $74.5 million last month, but the listing was removed for unknown reason four days ago.) Unit no. 92 has all the customary 432 Park amenities, such as oak flooring and cabinetry, marble baths, and a wood-burning fireplace, but the really enticing part—besides the height—is the sheer number of rooms contained within its gargantuan floorplan. The 8,255-square-foot full floor contains six beds and seven-and-two-half baths in total, as well as a dining room and library.
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