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Sayonara Parking Garage, Hello Ubiquitous Luxury Housing

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It seems the Post has also caught onto the trend that parking lot parcels are being snatched up and converted to luxury condos. This time, talk centers around an Upper West Side garage on West 77th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue. The for-sale lot is being marketed as a residential teardown that can be expanded from its current 7,700-square-feet to 77,000-square-feet. The Post expects the lot will fetch in the ballpark of $61 million, or $800 per square-foot, thanks to its neighbor, the luxury rental development The Larstrand.

The garage at 219-233 West 77th Street is not the only lot to grace the market with development aspirations. There have been quite a few before it; a few of which we mapped. The Post notes that Finance Department statistics declare a loss of five parking garages in Manhattan in the last two tax years. In the past, Brooklyn has seen a loss of 40 garages, the Bronx has given up 30 garages, and Staten Island has lost three garages. The trend extends most heavily in Queens, where 44 garages have been snatched up for development in years past. The trend accompanies a privatization of parking spaces—found increasingly under new luxury rental and condo buildings—making it even more of a challenge and a privilege to have and park a car in the city.
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The Larstrand

2182 Broadway, New York, NY 10024