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Walker Tower Sequel Will Launch Sales This Month

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Stella Tower, the sequel to the Downtown record setting Walker Tower, is expected to launch sales this month, and though we've already gotten wind of some pricing details, less has been known about the apartments themselves ... until now. The Observer got inside the Ralph Walker-designed repurposed Verizon building, which they describe as possessing a "studied industrial chic." They also got their hands on two interior renderings, one of a kitchen with its French wood panelling and concrete countertops, and one of a bathroom, with a steam shower, double sink, bathtub, and huge window. The building will contain 51 units in total, and though they look extremely luxurious, it remains to be seen if Stella Tower can match the sales success of its sibling building in what is currently a much less desirable area.

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435 West 50th Street

435 West 50th Street, New York, NY