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Astoria's First Residential Waterfront Towers, Revealed!

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The 1-million-square-foot Astoria Cove development is officially moving through the Uniform Land Use Review Process, and now we finally have the first renderings of the three-tower waterfront project. STUDIO V Architecture shared the visuals with the Architect's Newspaper, describing the three new towers as "an outdoor room" that's defined by greenery and the curved shoreline it sits on. Shorter buildings will be capped with green roofs, and landscape architect Ken Smith filled the property with planted walkways, lots of trees, a rain garden, and flower beds. And, as is now required with waterfront projects, the entire development is set above the projected future floodplain. The towers will hold a total of 1,689 apartments, 259 of which will be affordable, and the street level storefronts will be a mix of retail and restaurants.

Like what you see? You better, because STUDIO V is also designed the nearby Hallets Point, which is 1,000-units larger. That project, rendering as white towers in the image above, includes 2,100 market rate apartments, 500 affordable units, and community necessities like a bank, supermarket, and school. City Council approved the Hallets Point plans last October.
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