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Mars Bar to Make Its Semi-Triumphant Return to East Village

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The defunct Mars Bar, perhaps the single greatest symbol of the East Village's descent into the Land of 7-Elevens, is planning to reopen at its former location according to proprietor Hank Penza. The building that used to house the legendary dive bar was torn down in 2011 and replaced by 12-story luxury apartment building Jupiter 21, and while it looked like the entirety of that building's ground-floor retail space was going to be occupied by a TD Bank, Penza says that's not the case. He tells Bedford + Bowery that the new space will be 6,000 square feet, but that he's not sure to what degree he and his co-owners (the owners of BFC Partners, who developed Jupiter 21, have a 50 percent stake in the bar) will try to recapture the dive-y essence of the old place. And considering what the building looks like now (the TD Bank fits in a little too well) it probably wouldn't work out all that well if they did. The Mars Bar 2.0 will go before Community Board 3's liquor license committee later this month.
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Jupiter 21

21 East 1st Street, New York, NY