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Planned Crazy-Hotel to Launch Competition for Local Artists

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The madmen behind North Williamsburg's planned Level Hotel—the renderings for which look like a superweapon from the Star Wars Expanded Universe—are calling on all local artists to design and create a sculpture for the hotel's eventual lobby.

The 183-room luxury hotel is set to go up at 55 Wythe Avenue by late 2016, but starting on July 1, artists who live or work in Brooklyn can submit their proposals for sculptures on a forthcoming website. Three finalists will be announced on September 15 with the winner will be announced on December 1. The winning artist will have a budget of $200,000 to create the work, and applicants can be "emerging, mid-career or established" (so listen up, Kalan!).

"By connecting to the blossoming cultural community in Brooklyn, this project will showcase the immense talent of the area and provide a unique opportunity for artists to have their work reach an exciting audience," said spokesperson Larry Mogelonsky. "We expect that the project will have a lasting impact on the future success of the property."

Of course, some cynics might call this a clever ploy to avoid or deflect this conversation, but we would never accuse developer Zelig Weiss of such chicanery.
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