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Subway Watercolors; 30 Park Place Three-Bed Floorplans

UNDERGROUND—Last summer we marveled over artist Joan Iaconetti's eerie subway watercolors, and now everybody can marvel over them in person as Iaconetti's first solo exhibit, at the New School, opens on May 20. Via the press release: "Iaconetti's first solo exhibit at The New School imagines the mundane, post-graffiti subway as a dark, deliciously sinister world you've never quite noticed before: vertiginous angles, dripping platforms, swarming riders, all done in layer upon layer of monochromatic watercolor." [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

TRIBECA—Last week some of the floorplans for the smaller units in 30 Park Place became available, and now the larger three-bedroom floorplans have also been obtained by Tribeca Citizen. The prices for the available three-beds range from $4.6 million to $8 million, while the largest listed apartment, a five-bed penthouse, wants $27.5 million. [Tribeca Citizen; previously]

30 Park Place

30 Park Place, New York, NY