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Nobody Seems to Want This Crazy Winka Dubbeldam Penthouse

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Opinions were mixed on the penthouse apartment in the Winka Dubbeldam-designed 497 Greenwich Street when it was listed for $14 million last March. Some commenters loved it ("This penthouse is beautiful. Not only are the views spectacular but I think the way the interior structure was designed is done is a way to completely utilize the space and lighting. Beautiful place! Should, and will sell quickly") and some hated it ("Place is kind of ugly. And I almost never have a problem with modern-style over-the-top penthouses"). But one commenter seems to have captured the general attitude of all the prospective buyers out there, writing simply [sic], "i guess i'm supposed to like this place but i don't." The 3,600-square-foot duplex (which has somehow gain 100 square feet since the original listing) has now been taken off the market and put back on a couple times, and is currently down to asking $12.995 million. And with monthly costs of $11,672, it may have to go even lower to find someone enchanted enough with its sloping, double-story glass wall to buy it.

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497 Greenwich Street

497 Greenwich Street, New York , NY 10013