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Real Life Version of Fictional Gossip Girl Penthouse Wants $30M

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Fans of the Gossip Girl novels and/or television show will recognize "the penthouse in 1136 Fifth Avenue" as the home of one Blair Waldorf, the Upper East Side's haughtiest debate club president and ecstasy distributor (or something like that, probably — it's on our queue). But they won't recognize the actual penthouse in 1136 Fifth Avenue because only the exterior of the building has appeared on the show, in establishing shots. The real penthouse, just listed for $30 million, is owned by "corporate turnaround expert" Stephen F. Cooper, the current CEO of Warner Music Group, who gained national attention as the interim CEO of Enron during its bankruptcy.

The duplex apartment is located right on Central Park, of course, and features a wraparound terrace with a pergola on the lower level to go along with the four bedrooms, living room, sitting room, dining room, study, media room, and gym, all of which are going to get completely trashed when Blair's parents go to the Hamptons next weekend.

· Listing: 1136 Fifth Avenue #PH [Brown Harris Stevens]