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30 Park Place Gets Panels; 50 North 5th Changes Pet Policy

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TRIBECA—To go with yesterday's reveal of the three-bedroom floorplans in 30 Park Place, today Field Condition snapped some pictures of the building's first of those signature Robert A.M. Stern limestone panels being attached. It's looking more stately already. [Field Condition; previously]

WILLIAMSBURG—A tipster forwarded us an email from the management at 50 North 5th Street concerning the building "pet policy," which, allegedly, had not been previously established. Apparently the building is not as pet-friendly as it initially made itself out to be:

Dear Residents,
Please be advised that residents must use the service entrances when taking their pets out for a walk.We have had numerous instances of pets having accidents on the rugs leading to the lobby, as well as in the lobby itself.
Additionally, all pets must be leashed when outside of the apartment. Pets are also not allowed in the courtyards or roof deck (passage on the roof will be permitted when the dog relief station is operational). All pets should have an ID collar to facilitate their return should they get loose. Thank you for your understanding and compliance.
Best Regards,

The Management Team Ouch. Sorry, pooch pals. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

30 Park Place

30 Park Place, New York, NY