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Architecture Firms Reimagine a Much More Fun Atlantic Yards

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An exhibit opening next month at the Warehouse Gallery in Prospect Heights show how some very creative architecture firms would have designed the stalled Atlantic Yards megaproject. Straightforwardly titled "Five Proposals for the Future of Atlantic Yards," the exhibit features hypothetical plans from five firms, which were asked to incorporate the same proportions as the real life Forest City Ratner one — 4,278,000 square feet of housing and 156,000 square feet of retail. The resulting designs are decidedly not prefab and more than a little out there, including one from OPerA Studio Architecture with three "definition planes" connected to the ground via "a series of garden paths which carve along the exterior of the structures," another from Matthias Altwicker and Farzana Gandhi "that is programmatically, infrastructurally, and contextually flexible" where "Volumes move freely across the site and plug into its infrastructural wrapper at core locations," a third from Joshua Zinder Architecture and Design that "acts to unify the neighborhoods which bound the Atlantic Rail yards with the insertion of layered urban, public space in the center of the site," and two more from Amoia Cody Architecture and David Cunningham Architecture Planning. If it's any consolation, one imagines that the project might have been even more difficult to actually complete if they had used any of these crazy (albeit very cool) designs.

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