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Pop-Up Gallery in LIC Rentals; Kites on Roosevelt Island

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LONG ISLAND CITY—TF Cornerstone has turned four of the apartments in its new rental development 46-10 Center Boulevard into pop-up galleries for LIC Arts Open. (You can see the apartment/galleries, pre-art installation, above.) On display starting today through the 18th will be works from abstract painter Paula Elliott, photographer Orestes Gonzales, painter Donna Levinstone, and sculptor Toshiaki Noba. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

ROOSEVELT ISLAND—If you needed an excuse to get out to Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island, this Sunday the park is partnering with Socrates Sculpture Park to bring the people a Caribbean kite-making and -flying workshop, led by artist Miguel Luciano. "Participating children and their families will produce handmade kites, personalizing them with text and graphics to form poems and personal statements in the sky as they explore ideas of flying, freedom and community." [CurbedWire Inbox]

Four Freedoms Park

Roosevelt Island, E Rd., New York, NY