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After 2012 Rejection, New York May Bid For 2024 Olympics

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Like a boomerang, New York City's efforts to host an Olympic Games are back again. Governor Cuomo confirmed that he is considering a proposal to bid for the 2024 summer games, which would take place 12 years after 2012's, for which the city made a valiant bid and ultimately lost to London. From whence does this idea come? From the brain of Dan Doctoroff, of course, a deputy mayor under Bloomberg who spearheaded the 2012 bid. It's unfortunately not going to be on Roosevelt Island; per Crain's: "[T]he plan focuses on 167 acres of rail yard in Queens, where a convention center would be built and thousands of housing units." Though it's far from a reality, a rep for Cuomo acknowledged "preliminary staff level meetings" were going on between his people and Mayor de Blasio's people, but BDB's reps denied that the administration is considering a bid despite talk of such discussions.

Official bidding starts in 2015, with the winner announced in 2017. The ever-reliable Wikipedia says other cities considering bids range from Manila and Doha to Paris and Rome. Other U.S. cities competing for the honor massive financial cost could include Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, and Washington, D.C. Can you hear that? The opposition is already mounting.
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