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Studio/Gang's Zany, Angular High Line Tower Is Gonna Happen

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It's baaaack. The edgy, High Line-abutting tower by big-name Chicago architecture firm Studio/Gang is going to get built after all. After its mind-boggling renders were unveiled in late 2012, genius, New Yorker-profiled architect Jeanne Gang's first New York City project, a 10-story office building on Tenth Avenue between 13th and 14th streets futuristically called Solar Carve, ran into some roadblocks: namely, community opposition from groups like the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, which went hand-in-hand with a decision from the city's Board of Standards and Appeals not to approve a zoning variance that would make possible its bigger-than-permitted size. But wait: after its rejection in February, developer William Gottlieb Real Estate revised the application for a fourth go-around, not requesting any additional FAR (basically more interior space given the lot size) but just asking for minor variances related to the project's height and use of setbacks. And voila, a tipster tells us the BSA just gave a thumbs-up to the project. Reactions: in an e-mail blast, GVHSP said it's "glad" the building won't be larger; meanwhile, the Architect's Newspaper reports that the Gang is "excited" about the news and is working towards finalizing the design in 2015.

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