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Renderings Revealed for Multiple West 15th St. Developments

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[Renderings by Neoscape, Inc.]

All that construction on West 15th Street that has been annoying neighbors for years will actually produce some buildings eventually, and some renderings spotted by NY YIMBY show what those buildings will look like. First up is 430 West 15th Street (above), a garage (of course) being converted and expanded into office space , which is being developed by Atlas Capital and designed by A+I. The building, located across the street from the soon-to-be-expanded Chelsea Market, will feature a glass addition on top of its brick base. Going by the renderings, shared terraces look to figure in prominently to the design. Additional renderings on the architects' website show what the very modern interiors will look like once occupied by ping-pong playing startup types. That project is expected to be completed next summer.

The neighboring tower that can be seen in those last two angles is another as-of-yet unbuilt project, a Rockpoint Group, Highgate Holdings, and Meilman Family Real Estate-developed hotel at 414 West 15th Street. However, its depiction in these renderings is off, as CetraRuddy is replacing Stonehill & Taylor as the design architects. The only new rendering is a small one posted on the construction fence, but it definitely looks like a departure from the original plan. The foundation at that site was poured back in 2011, and now that construction is starting up again, the project is expected to be finished in summer of 2016.
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