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NYC's Insanely Adorable Gingerbread House Returns for $10.5M

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Buyers like Hansel and Gretel, Snow White, Christmas elves, and other characters from the Brothers Grimm/Disney canon do not have real money to buy cottages, which is probably why Bay Ridge's Gingerbread House just returned to market with a new broker, a new slew of photos, and a slightly lower price: $10,500,000. Built in the Arts & Crafts style by James Sarsfield Kennedy, the six-bedroom, 3.5 bathroom home with a thatched(ish) roof takes up an entire block (the size of 10 townhouses, or so sayeth the brokerbabble). But the real charm—and probably value—lies in the stone facade, the stained glass, the coffered ceilings and beautiful moldings, the bay windows, and the patios and outdoor areas sized for a romp with more than seven dwarves.

The expensive hidey hole was originally built in 1917 and has things like a chauffeur's room and a "fountain room." It entered the market in 2009 asking $12M, then hung around for awhile. It reappeared last year after a visit from the witch PriceChopper with a price tag $1M cheaper and a Daily News story that called it the "most magnificent residence in all of New York City." Will an extra $500,000 discount lure this fairy-tale abode a real-life buyer?

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