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AirBnB Wins Battle, Doesn't Have to Turn Over Customer Info

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AirBnB has won its first legal battle, but the war rages on. A state judge ruled yesterday that the the apartment-shared website does not have to turn over the customer records that New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman subpoenaed back in October. Schneiderman's office plans to issue a new subpoena posthaste, but for a few days at least AirBnB has something to gloat about. "This decision is good news for New Yorkers who simply want to share their home and the city they love," a company statement said.

The reason the judge gave for his decision was that the subpoena wasn't focused enough and "seeks materials that are irrelevant to the inquiry at hand and accordingly, must be quashed." The new subpoena will likely demand data on a more specific subset of New York users. Meanwhile, AirBnB is still making overtures about working with lawmakers to change the rules to allow the site to continue operating in the city, while lawmakers are still acting like they want no part of that. State senator Liz Krueger issued a statement saying: "Today's decision gives Airbnb a little time, but it looks like that's all it gives them. Judge Connolly ruled for the Attorney General on every substantive point, save a technical issue with the breadth of the subpoena. I'm no lawyer, but this looks like the definition of a pyrrhic victory for Airbnb."
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