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Crane Action at 7 Harrison; Green Taxi Rollout Hits Snag

TRIBECA—A tipster sent along some shots of the largest glass panels being used in any new development in New York City being delivered to the top of 7 Harrison Street. The panes being used for the penthouse are 20 feet wide. And that was the easy part—next, the crane will have to deliver the fully mature trees that will be planted on the penthouse's 2,350-square-foot terrace. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

THE STREETS—The second wave of outer borough green taxis was supposed to roll out this year, but according to the new chair of the Taxi and Limousine Commission that might not be the case. She didn't really give any specific reasons but said that, "We're not going to commit to a certain date until we finish the process to a point that we feel comfortable." That doesn't sound great. [NYP; previously]

7 Harrison Street

7 Harrison Street, New York, NY 10013