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Revealed: $1.082 Million for a Colorful West Village Co-op

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The commenters on yesterday's Pricespotter, a colorful 1970s-ish one-bedroom co-op in a West Village elevator building, weren't nearly as charmed by the place as we were. And accordingly, the guesses were all on the low side, with commenter Trilbnyc going as low as $599,000. Ultimately, the one who came the closest was nyarchitect, the last person to weigh in, who guessed, simply, "$1 mil." The actual asking price, which will undoubtedly astonish some readers, is an oddly specific $1,082,400.

· Listing: 350 Bleecker Street #3J [Elliman]
· Pricespotter archives [Curbed]

350 Bleecker Street

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