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Where To Find Cheaper Rentals in Five Expensive NYC 'Hoods

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The folks over at rental listings site Zumper have parsed current listing data for five New York City neighborhoods in an effort to suss out their "cold pockets"—that is, little swaths in which the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment is significantly lower than the same figure for the area as a whole. Curbed has explored some parts of town already, so onto another five. Above, in Hell's Kitchen, find cheaper one-bedrooms between Ninth and Eleventh Avenues, south of 51st Street. The 1BR median there is $2,600, compared with $3,200 for the entire neighborhood.

In Brooklyn Heights, renters looking to save a few (hundred) bucks should aim south of Pineapple Street. There one-bedrooms like this one lease for a median of $2,650, while $2,950/month is the norm for that whole, very desirable waterfront area.

Back to Manhattan, where a one-bed in Murray Hill can be $3,300/month. Not, however, if you look east of Third Avenue. The entrance to the Midtown tunnel might not be so alluring, but apartments with a median rent of $2,800—a savings of $500—sure are.

Crossing the East River again, in Fort Greene median rents come to $2,595/month. The trick is to look south of Lafayette Avenue, in the nook bounded by that thoroughfare, Atlantic Avenue to the south, Flatbush to the west, and Clermont to the east. There, the median rent for a one-bedroom is $2,200.

Last but not least, on the Lower East Side, save by looking for a 1BR rental around Delancey between Rivington and Grand. Not as far east as one might think, eh? That red-bounded patch is where the median rent totals $2,275, compared with $2,550 for the LES as a whole.
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