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50 Photos Inside the Domino Sugar Factory During Demolition

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City Council approved Two Trees' redevelopment plans for the Domino Sugar Factory this week, officially putting the last nail in the coffin of the industrial waterfront complex, though the buildings began disappearing months ago. The site has always been a hotspot for urban explorers, and now that demolition is underway, these daredevil photographers are getting in their final kicks. One guy, who goes by the moniker 2e, visited the site half a dozen times over the last three months, documenting the destruction. Here now, 50 photos from his nocturnal adventures. Take a good look, because in 10 years, this will be a very different, much shiner, and much taller place.

The site spans four blocks between South 5th Street and Grand Avenue, and it held about a dozen different structures. Here's a map to help place the buildings 2e visited:

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