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Peek at the Design Legacy of the Late Bunny Mellon

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When the lavish Lenox Hill manse once belonging to horticulturalist and Listerine heiress Bunny Mellon and her banker husband Paul Mellon came on the market for a lofty $46 million in September, the world was afforded a view into the exquisitely-decorated home of someone who's touted as having "more influence in shaping Jacqueline Kennedy's taste than anyone else in her life." Now Architectural Digest provides more views into the couple's exquisite pared-down estates across the country, designed by the same woman who sought to have her "relatively small" houses furnished in a way that imitated the look of furniture "just brought down from the attic." Well, we'll give her design chops more credit than that. After all, she did redesign the White House's iconic Rose Garden in 1962.

The couples glorious 125 East 70th Street home is still on the market, and still asking the bold $46 million. For more views into Mellon's classic estates, head on over to Architectural Digest.
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