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Live in a Massive Church Condo Combo for $11.27 Million

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This listing in the Abbey Condominium at 205 East 16th Street, the converted former parish house of St. George's church, is actually three separate units — a three-bedroom on the third floor, and a two-bedroom and a one-bedroom on the fourth floor — that could potentially be combined into one massive unit of ambiguous shape and layout. Why exactly the three apartments are being offered together, for a combined price of $11.27 million, isn't entirely clear but the two fourth-floor units have been stripped of all their original church-like details while the third-floor one has retained a good number, including some impressive stained glass windows, so it's possible that the LLC that owns them all decided that the two aesthetics would somehow balance each other out. (From the brokerbabble: "Combining the original historic architectural fabric of 3A with the abundant light and views of 4A and 4B would give the owner the best of both worlds.") Regardless, it isn't every day that a 6,263-square-foot apartment with stained glass windows comes along, so let's all just enjoy it.

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