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Unshared Willets Points Plans Show Massive Parking Lots

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The Queens Chronicle uncovered a minor scandal surrounding the $3 billion the Willets Point megaproject. Basically, a schematic drawing of the development's first phase, which situates a mall and an entertainment center to the left of Citi Field, a hotel and commercial buildings to the right, and parking lots all around, was not shared with Queens Community Board 7 members. The plans, dated December 6, 2013, were submitted to the Economic Development Corp., along with a 100-page breakdown of the facilities and layouts, without being shown to neighbors, which violates an agreement between developer Queens Development Group and the community that board members would be kept updated on the project as it progressed. Neighborhood officials are bummed they've been left out of the loop, but beyond that, the schematic above brings some details of Phase 1 to light: "According to the schematics, around 6,000 spots in garages and outdoor parking will be created, taking up a hefty share of the 23 acres the city intends to turn over. Only 10 percent of that land has been obtained so far." Residential buildings and a school are part of the next phase, so those don't appear on the diagram.
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