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Catsimatidis Continues Myrtle Avenue Makeover With 81 Fleet

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Developer and one-time mayoral-wannabe John Catsimatidis is currently making over a stretch of Myrtle Avenue, some 30 years after he bought the property. "I bought the properties when you had to come here with two guns, just in case one of the guns runs out of bullets," Catsimatidis said, according to the Brooklyn Paper. The plans for the four-building development were revealed a decade ago, and the first building, the Andrea, opened in 2010. The second building, 81 Fleet Place, is now under construction, and the developer hopes to start construction on the third building, at the corner of Myrtle Avenue and Ashland Place, later this year. No. 81, rendered at center above, will rise 15 stories, hold 205 rentals, and be called The Giovanni. Cats told the Brooklyn Paper, "We could call it 'The John,' but nobody wants to live in 'The John.'"

The Ashland Place building will be about the same size as 81 Fleet, with 200 units, 40 of which will be affordable. The final building, 86 Fleet Place, half pictured in the foreground above, will be the biggest of the bunch with 400 units, and construction should start on it next year.
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