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Fourth Avenue in Gowanus Is Getting Donskoyed

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Robert Scarano-disciple Nataliya Donskoy has been making a name for herself with designs for Brooklyn buildings that look like Lego sets mid-explosion, and her latest effort may be her Donskoy-iest yet. The renderings for a mixed-use development at 635 Fourth Avenue, spotted by NY YIMBY, reveal a motley collection of materials and colors fitted together into a 120-foot structure the shape of which does not necessarily give off the impression that it was intentional. Or, as YIMBY puts it, "the facade does not aid any sense of cohesion, and distinguishes the building's protrusions to a point of garish excess."

The building, which will have 91 units, a commercial component, and a "community facility," is being developed by Bushburg Properties, frequent collaborators of Donskoy's (they've also teamed up on the Ridgewood Theater conversion and 50 Clarkson Avenue). Overall, they seem to have something of a penchant for needlessly ostentatious buildings. The initial plan exam for 635 Fourth Avenue was disapproved last week.
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