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What Silverstein's Double Towers Could Have Looked Like

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Neighbors and the local community board would likely have a problem with the scale of Silverstein Properties' massive residential/retail development at 520 West 41st Street (aka 514 Eleventh Avenue) whether it was planned as one tower or two. At the moment, it appears to be one, but new renderings from Oppenheim Architecture + Design's Architizer page, spotted by NY YIMBY, show what the 1,600,000-square-foot project would look like as two 60-story towers, each standing at 770 feet high, connected at the top (which is different even from the original plan for two towers of different heights not connected at the top). This incarnation of the design is by the far the most adventurous and, although it will likely never be built, it is fun to image that plant-shrouded base actually existing among its much more subdued surroundings. As of right now, the development is slated to be a single 1,100-foot tower, although neighbors are fighting to reduce that height. If they want to see something that would really stick out in the area, though, they should look no further that these defunct designs.

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520 West 41st Street

520 West 41st Street, New York, NY 10036