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There Will Be More Green Cabs; Recalculating All-Cash Buys

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· Fake out! City will issue more green cab permits this summer [NYT]
· No joke: some guy is actually suing the city for a decillion dollars [NYP]
· Watchdogs continue round-the-clock protection of Children's Magical Garden [BB]
· So are One Museum Mile's condos in Harlem, or "Upper Carnegie Hill"? [Bespoke]
· How can Fortress finance its reported $4.7 billion Stuy Town buy? [CO]
· Leases for luxury gyms and fitness studios sign doubled from 2012 to 2013 [WSJ]
· Officials want Coney Island's boardwalk to be wood, not concrete [BP]
· Changed Interfaith Hospital to emerge from bankruptcy this week [Capital]
· 4 World Trade Center is close to landing its first private-sector tenant [Crain's]
· Prospect Park's new rink has drawn 5K roller-skaters in three weeks [NYDN]
· Speaking of roller rinks, Brooklyn Bridge Park's Pier 2 is almost complete [McB]
· Manhattan's home purchases are actually not 80 percent all-cash [Matrix]
· Here's what to do if Godzilla attacks Manhattan, via the Red Cross [DNA]
· Amid other drama, Long Island College Hospital will close on Thursday [BE]
· This is all you need to know on the subject: "OMG, baby hawks!" [EV Grieve]