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Look Around Brooklyn's Selldorf-Designed Recycling Center

The city isn't all glittering skyscrapers and historic mansions, but also the innumerable structures that help the city to function. Field Condition took a look at the SIMS Sunset Park Material Recovery Facility that is, still surprisingly, designed by someone not unfamiliar with the other, glittering half: multi-million dollar architect Annabelle Selldorf, who labored under an $89 million budget for the project. The eco friendly facility at the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal hosts an education center, classrooms, offices, a theater, and a large outdoor terrace with views to Lower Manhattan. The facility's buildings are responsibly composed of recycled steel—up to 98-percent—and is LEED certified.

Not only is the facility equipped with learning space, but also home to the city's largest solar-power installation, and is designed to move into the future storm-threat free. For more photos of the site, check out Field Condition.
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