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Miami Herald Building Blows Up; Million Dollar Listing Debuts

1) Edgewater: Here's something pretty crazy. The former Miami Herald Building was partially demolished the other day by megacasino company Genting, pretty much by surprise. Bystanders were caught on video running from huge dust clouds (and whatever debris they might be hiding) and that's just the beginning.

2) Design District: Miami's Design District is in the midst of its massive transformation to a very high-end shopping land. Here's an update.

3) Everywhere: Miami's new source of real estate porn, Million Dollar Listing Miami, has a preview out. Yeah, we really do sail around in yachts and ogle realtors' washboard abs every afternoon. Yep.

4) Museum Park: With verdant fields of fresh sod, Miami's new Museum Park is really beginning to look park-y. Take a look.
· Curbed Miami [miami.curbed]