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Bizarre Art Probably Not Included With This $2.8M Co-op

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We don't really have any idea what the story is here, but this is definitely a new one in terms of interior design. The living room of this $2.8 million co-op in The Bolivar at 230 Central Park West is occupied by what appears to be life-sized highly realistic wax statue of an elderly lady sitting politely. (Opinions as to whether or not she is the current Queen of England are mixed here at Curbed HQ.) Questions abound. Questions such as: Why? and What's the deal with that? and Where do you even get one of those?

The wax lady isn't the only weird art (although it is almost certainly the weirdest) in the apartment, which also features four small mannequins acting out some sort of macabre scene in one of the windows and a long Hunter S. Thompson quote that appears to have been painted directly onto a wall. Maybe that's what the brokerbabble means by "downtown aesthetic."

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