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It's Baaaack: 4 Years Later, Fifth Ave. Triplex Still Wants $42M

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The third time might be the charm for the enormous triplex atop 990 Fifth Avenue. The five-bedroom, five-bathroom spread made its first foray the market in the relative down times of 2010, when a $42 million price tag made it the most expensive co-op on the market. Well, times have changed, but re-listing last summer with a PriceUpper to $50 mil didn't do the trick, either. So now, with a few more photos and some restrained brokerbabble, Sotheby's is trying again to offload the newly listed Rosario Candela-designed unit, which comes with five fireplaces, hand-carved moldings, and a giant irrigated terrace, complete with dramatic brick arch and outdoor sculpture. In a market like today's—read: certifiably crazy, in that a $70M co-op just went into contract—will a buyer bite at a mere $42M?

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