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Crazy-Looking Futuristic Hotel May Loom Over Wythe Avenue

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A tipster spotted a rendering for the planned hotel, office, and retail complex that's could rise at 55 Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg, and Brownstoner has more details on the Jetsons-appropriate project. The first look of the unfortunate hovercraft between North 12th and North 13th streets comes via the Shopping Center Group, which is leasing out the building's commercial space on the lower levels. Developer Zelig Weiss's Level Hotel has been in the works since December, a 320,000-square-foot building with 22 floors that's set to include 183 rooms and a pool, based on a cluster of sun umbrellas spotted in the back right corner of the render as well as building permits. Meanwhile, the 40,000-square-foot commercial portion includes not only the shops below, topped by a 20,000-square-foot rooftop farm, but also office space in the first 10 floors of the tower. Yeah, the part clad in chevrons.

This is just one of at least 13 hotels afflicting sprouting up in the Williamsburg area right now, but it's safe to say it's not the prettiest. Needless to say, design-savvy Wythe Hotel it ain't. Anyone know the architect responsible? Since it's probably not Salaman Engineering, which is listed on Department of Buildings filings. Hit up the tipline.
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The William Vale Hotel

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