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Could This New Prewar-Style Tower Be Rising on Second Ave.?

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Sleuth Nikolai Fedak is saying yes in his backyard to this 14-story, prewar-looking tower apparently planned for the corner of Second Avenue and East 81st Street. One minor hiccup: Department of Buildings records reveal there are no permits filed for the erection of a new building—in fact, there's a stop-work order on the site—but Fedak is going off the renderings posted on architect Issac & Stern's website as proof that a building will rise. The site caption says the mixed-use building will have 47,000 square feet, 12 apartments, and presumably retail space on the ground level. YIMBY has deduced that the developer, shielded behind an LLC, is Icon Realty Management, and that, given the numbers, each lower apartment will be full-floor and a pretty massive 3,500 square feet, plus a duplex penthouse.

Here's what's on the site now.

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