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Cornerspotted: The Audubon Ballroom in Washington Heights

Commenter MidtownView said it best: "This was an easy one." An early scion of Fox hired noted theater architect William Lamb to build the Audubon Ballroom at Broadway and 165th Street, which opened in 1912. Clad in terra cotta with lots of detailing, it was used for vaudeville shows and film screenings, as well as a place for religious services and town halls. In 1965, Malcolm X was holding a meeting there when he was assassinated. Columbia bought the building and began to demolish it in the early 90s, but a preservation battle saved most of the facade and led to the construction of a biotechnology research center behind it. You can still see foxes in decorative medallions on the side of the building, an homage to its original owner.
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