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Schrager's 'Public' Chrystie Street Condo-Hotel Gets Render

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After years of speculation, hotelier Ian Schrager is finally moving forward with the construction of a mixed-use condo-hotel combo building at 215 Chrystie Street, as evidenced by the dreaded construction fence that was erected yesterday around the current parking lot and park. At least there's something exciting on the fence, and no, it's not slanderous graffiti from the site's development-opposing neighbors, but a rendering for the anticipated Beyer Blinder Belle-designed building spotted by Bowery Boogie. According to the Schedule A, the 28-story building's first 18 floors will be dedicated to hotel space, with the remaining floors housing 11 condos. There will also be a dual-floor underground nightclub with a 377-person capacity, and a ground-floor restaurant for 247 people.

If Schrager's first New York outpost of his Public brand is to be anything like that in Chicago, patrons can rest assured the hotel will be so un-hip it's cool. As per Curbed Chicago upon Public's 2011 launch,

The hotel will be named Public, and a press release, issued earlier this week, offers some insight into what the new hotel won't be: It'll be "free of tricks and gimmicks," "anti-design," "anti-flash," and above all, it won't be exclusive. And it won't be hip—at least not consciously: "We are trying not to be hip, we are in fact anti-hip, and therefore by definition, we are," says Schrager. Well, okay then. Hopefully Schrager's as calm about launching the brand's New York post, considering the $50 million bet he placed on the lot back when he purchased it in 2012. Hotel guests and prospective residents can expect to post up in the demure joint in the Winter of 2016.

215 Chrystie St

215 Chrystie Street, Manhattan, NY 10002