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Midtown East Rezoning Lives (!) And Will Get Timeline Soon

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The creature lives! Well, if Midtown East's rezoning is a creature. It does scare people... but we digress, the latest from Crain's is that Mayor de Blasio will release a timeline for the rezoning "in the next week or two." The controversial plan to allow newer, bigger, greener buildings in that part of town failed to earn approval before Bloomberg left office, and now it's up to de Blasio to produce a plan that jives with elected officials, community members, preservationists, developers, and the trillion other parties invested in this decision.

Deputy mayor Alicia Glen shared the information about the rezoning timeline reveal at a breakfast on Wednesday, but sans details about how a de Blasio-led rezoning will differ from past plans. In any case, no changes will take effect until 2016 at the earliest.
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