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Checking In on Renzo Piano's Glassy Box o' Brains at Columbia

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The website Field Condition continues churn out construction photos like here's no tomorrow, and here's the latest: a close look at the box o' brains designed by Renzo Piano that's rising at Columbia's Manhattanville campus at 125th Street and Broadway. More formally known as the Jerome L. Greene Science Center, it'll eventually house a motley crew of scientists who all study the brain (and ostensibly all have big ones themselves). The piece of starchitecture, hugged by the 1 train, is the first structure to rise as part of the university's larger expansion in the area. As far as progress goes, it's definitely—thankfully—further along than when we checked in last summer. It appears to have topped out, and the glassy curtain wall has now reached the eighth story of the 10-story building.

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