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Uptown Duplex Disdains Location, Touts Its 'Downtown Feel'

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A 4,800-square-foot Carnegie Hill duplex in the former Gimbel's Department Store is on the market. The rather contemporary six-bedroom home does not seem to want to fit into its given neighborhood: the listing boasts the home's "look and feel of downtown space," which presumably includes its 14-foot ceilings, glassy staircase that rises into the middle of the space—a functional room-divider, really—and its many strewn columns. The combined unit comes with all the customary, high-end flourishes, as well as a 600-square-foot terrace. Prospective buyers, do note: the home's actual retail price, or at least its original ask, is $9.9 million. It's re-listing brought the price down to its current $8.75 million ask, a veritable sale.

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120 East 87th Street

120 East 87th Street, New York, NY 10128