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Renders Imagine St. John's Terminal With Pier 40 Air Rights

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Firm TEN Arquitectos has taken it upon themselves to assume all goes kosher with the latest plan to save Pier 40, as evidenced by new conceptual renderings for the neighboring St. John's Terminal that have popped up on the architect's site. The renderings depict the current office building with a glassy topper and jutting rooftop hotel that YIMBY describes as an "undulating" and "impressive" design, inspired by what the firm refers to as a "Chacmool" or a figurine of a reclining individual. The new design would be wholly commercial, consisting of a hotel, conference center, retail, restaurants and offices spread throughout both the new addition and the four-story former railroad distribution center, built in 1935.

But the design for the site, like Annabelle Selldorf's, is entirely conceptual, at least until state and local officials can agree on a proper treatment of the the building in relation to the sinking Pier 40. Last week, sources learned of a new proposal developed by Governer Cuomo for the $100 million sale of Pier 40's air rights to St. John's Terminal owner Atlas Group. The sale would allow for new vertical development as seen in TEN Arquitectos' plan all while garnering funds for the regeneration of Pier 40's quickly decaying steel pilings.

While this seems to be the most viable plan for the sites to date, the Times reports that the plan is pitting the Governor's office at odds with local officials, who are calling for the approval of the city's land use committee for any future plans for the site. Local officials command that this measure would not only allow "robust community input" but would also enable city officials "to bargain for what has become a hallmark of the [de Blasio] administration—more affordable housing."
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