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New Donskoy Will Actually Improve This Williamsburg Corner

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Architect Nataliya Donskoy is known around these parts for designing buildings that, quite frankly, look ridiculous. As such, her design for a mixed-use building at 170 South 1st Street in Williamsburg are something of a departure in that it looks basically like one cohesive structure and it's replacing something that's even less appealing — a gray brick graffiti-covered one-story garage.

The new building, which is designed to look sort of like a converted factory, is being developed by The Iconic Group. It will include 4,130 square feet of warehouse space and ground-floor retail, 11,618 square feet of residential divided between seven units (which comes out to an average of 1,660 per unit), and a 435-square-foot community facility. A plan exam for the project was disapproved in April.
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