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Big Reveal: $1.249 Million for an FSBO Upper West Side Co-op

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Once again this week, the guesses started low for this first-floor Upper West Side co-op, for sale by its licensed real estate broker-owner. ("$800K," the first commenter guessed. "Anything more would be ridiculous.") Eventually a first-time commenter, ac22, nailed it almost exactly — and somewhat suspiciously — with a guess of $1.25 million, a mere ten grand over the actually asking price of $1.249 million. The first person to come within spitting distance was commenter Afroman, who presciently wrote, "FSBOs often ask more than a broker would and I guarantee the owner thinks being on the first floor is a good thing. 800 SF x $1,600 PSF = $1,280,000. Also I don't know if a FSBO knows to reduce the price by $1 so it shows up in more streeteasy searches, so $1,280,000 even." But perhaps the best guess, not in terms of actually getting it right, came from Captain Crankypants who, living up to his name as always, wrote, "I'd give them $899 but that's me. (not $899,000, $899.00 because screw co-ops with a rolling pin)."

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