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Greenpoint Better Brace for Another Giant Residential Project

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Despite two impending megaprojects—Greenpoint Landing and 77 Commercial Street—area residents have managed to stay relatively optimistic about their neighborhood, making it all the way to the really important somewhat telling Curbed Cup finals. That might change though, now that a third major residential development seems imminent. The Real Deal reports that an LLC-shielded buyer just snatched up 10 parcels near the waterfront around 49 Dupont Street. The key point: at least three residential towers could rise on the large lot, which comes with 260,911 square feet of development rights. That number, though, could balloon by 100K square feet if the owners add affordable housing. So, those low-rise industrial buildings pictured above? Probably not long for this world.
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49 Dupont Street

49 Dupont Street, Brooklyn, NY