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You Can Have a Bathroom with See-Through Walls in Soho

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First things first: the bathroom in the master suite of this $19,000/month three-bedroom rental in Soho's 48 Mercer Street has glass walls. Which makes perfect sense, because privacy isn't something that anybody desires in a bathroom. This place is perfect if you're a single millionaire who never plans on having an overnight guest. Just like all those single millionaires.

To be fair, the apartment does have two other bathrooms with normal, opaque walls (though maybe you could drill some peep holes in the doors just to really complete the aesthetic). And, Citi Habitats, who are marketing the place, inform us that it costs more unfurnished ($20,500/month) than it does furnished, because the owners don't want to deal with moving their furniture. Something tells us those aren't the only things they're happy to be leaving behind.

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