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Buyer Gets Two Walker Tower Penthouses for Only $30.75M

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Normally, spending over $30 million on an apartment would not be considered a bargain. But this is Walker Tower we're talking about, where prices have climbed over $8,000 per square foot and the building's best penthouse recently set a Downtown record by selling for $50.9 million, so it doesn't seem unfair to say that the person who bought the two penthouses that make up the entire 22nd floor for a combined $30.75 million got a pretty good deal. As the Journal explains, the penthouses went into contract in 2012, before sales really took off, and only just closed this week.

The apartments in question are most likely Penthouse 3 and Penthouse 4, as all the details seem to line up — they were both put on Streeteasy in mid-2013, already in contract, and combined they would be just over 6,000 square feet. There is no combined floorplan to be found, and the ones accompanying the two listings are for the individual apartments that never ended up getting built that way, as the buyer hired his or her own architect to work with the developer and make them into one 4BR/4.2BA unit with two terraces.

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