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UES Garbage Transfer Station Opponents Urge Budget Probe

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According to the most recent city budget, estimates for the controversial Upper East Side garbage transfer station have quadrupled from $44 million to a whopping $215 million, a hefty sum for a project that many say won't even do much good.

In a letter to City Hall, six elected officials—including City Councilman Ben Kallos, State Senator Liz Kruger, and Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney—are calling for increased oversight from Mayor de Blasio, as well as a probe into the project's budget similar to the one he recently announced over the new 911 system that's $1 billion over-budget and six years late.

The proposed Marine Transfer Station at East 91st Street has long-riled Yorkville residents, who have staged protests—including one on Friday in which seven were arrested—and launched numerous lawsuits. They view the project as a wasteful, inefficient blight. Supporters argue that Manhattan should handle its own share of garbage, instead of essentially shipping it off to the Bronx or Queens for transfer.
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