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Fortis's Skinny, Twisty Seaport Tower O' Balconies, Revealed!

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Zoning rules and neighborhood opposition may thwart (or at least hinder) Howard Hughes' plans for a proposed tower atop the New Market Building and a 100-story goliath on South Street, but the area is going to see at least one new skyscraper rise. Fortis Property Group's luxury condo building for 151 Maiden Lane between the river and Front Street is barreling ahead, with permits filed last week and new renderings posted on the developer's official website that afford some more views at the skinny skyscraper. First spotted by New York YIMBY, the renderings show the through-block site divided into two parts: first, on the eastern half, a balcony-laden 52-story tower with 74 apartments; on the western part, a shorter but equally terraced hotel. Hotel guests and condo owners will share the same "high-end amenities." One of those has got to be the 26th-floor rooftop pool mentioned in the permits, right?

According to the developer, the square footage of the project totals 281,000—161,000 for the condo tower and 120,000 for the hotel—which it is allowed to build as-of-right without any variances. Fortis acquired the site in the fall of 2013, and unveiled a first glimpse of the curves to come in January. In case it wasn't obvious, these condos are going to be pretty fancy; many will "include uninterrupted river views with the top floors having virtually 360-degree views." Construction is expected to begin this year.

And thus FiDi's residential boom continues merrily long.
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