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Four PLG Townhomes Aspire To Rename Entire Neighborhood

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Everyone wants a piece of the Prospect-Lefferts Gardens pie. Next up, the ambiguous Residential Development Group with their addition of four rather plain brick townhouses at 280 Hawthorne Street. The new development falls in a section of PLG that marketers are amusingly attempting to rebrand as Heights Park (which, according to the map after jump, is essentially the entire neighborhood), naming the small development after the contrived 'hood. Each 4,500-square-foot townhouse of the "Heights Park" development is divided into a three-bedroom, three-bathroom owner's triplex, and two income-generating apartments. Amenities include central heat and air, a private landscaped backyard and balcony, and the so-elusive-these-might-be-illegal curb-cuts for parking. The townhouses expect to arrive on the market this summer, asking $1.875 million. The listing predicts the additional units can net owners a combined $4,000 a month in rent.

And then there's this, for good fun, which was sent via a rep from Elliman along with the new renderings:

· Listing: 280 Hawthorne Street [Elliman]