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So Long Orchard Street Hell Building, Hello Hotel Indigo LES

As construction meanders forth, the Orchard Street Hell Building is making an honest, if not unconscious, attempt to shed the moniker; and believe it or not, it seems to be working. The incoming Indigo LES at 180 Orchard Street is behaving like a proper hotel these days, with its immense amount of stop work orders, faltered construction, and general dysfunction but a distant memory. That may be a bit too enthusiastic of a statement, but Bowery Boogie has unearthed new renderings and brings to light new details about the building that make the sorry structure sound like, well, a hotel. As per architect Stephen B. Jacobs' site, the 24-story, 300-room hotel will be "infused with street art" with current works from the Lower East Side's Lee Quinones and will have a 12th floor main lobby with a nearby 13th-floor outdoor pool and lounge area. The building's top two floors will house a duplex hospitality suite with terraces. Oh, and get this: the hotel is hiring.