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Live in a 145-Year-Old Williamsburg Church for $4,250/Mo

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A 145-year old Catholic church in Williamsburg has just been born again—as 40 rental apartments. The first five units hit the market yesterday, via brokers Loftily (err) named the Spire Lofts, they retain a lot of elements from erstwhile St. Vincent De Paul Church (RIP). The brokerbabble says it's "where contemporary brilliance meets ancient European charm," which translates to wooden beams criss-crossing everywhere, arched windows, and exposed brick... even in the shower. There's even some extant stained glass, tin ceilings, and steelwork detailing. (There are no floorplans with the listings, but if there were, they'd probably be a little confusing, seeing as how the apartments have staircases, mezzanines, and what look to be theater-like catwalks as upstairs hallways.) The currently available rentals at 163 North 6th Street range from 1.5-bedroom, two-bathroom options for $4,250/month to one 2BR/2BA with a balcony for $5,500. As for amenities, there's parking, a common courtyard, and washer-dryers in the apartments.

The developer is Heritage Equity Partners, the same company that converted the adjacent church rectory (pictured above left, with the church to the right) into 10 three-bedroom rentals that went to market in 2012.

In 2010, the Brooklyn Diocese "furiously" removed valuable artifacts from the sold-off church, including a 2,977-pound holy bell. So don't expect that in any of these apartments. Also, St. Vincent de Paul didn't live to see its sesquicentennial this year—in its original form, at least—but hey, more Williamsburg rentals, right?
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